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Unlimited access to the pool, spa, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath. Exclusive for active members: 10 € / month



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We love to take care of you and take care of you!

That’s why you can now also have the service of physiotherapist Jordi Clua Millán, collegiate number 3187, available in Orión, by prior appointment at the reception.



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Osteopathy is the treatment of the most common musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, back pain, neck and ankle sprains, pain (shoulder pain) through massage and other physical manipulations of muscle tissue and bones.



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We offer our SAF service to people who hire it and before starting any activity, where tests of endurance, flexibility, balance and abdominal strength are performed, as well as taking measurements of the body mass and blood pressure index. to subsequently draw up a training guideline based on the results obtained and the objectives pursued.



Entrenador personal
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At Orión we put a personal trainer at your disposal so that you can achieve your goals in record time and with an absolutely personalized plan.

The personal trainer service is carried out at the facilities of Orión or we move to wherever you want.



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Lipomassage by Endermologie, the latest LPG revolution to treat fats resistant to diet and exercise. A revolutionary technique for cellulite.

LipomassageTM eliminates the most rebellious fat in both men and women, acting where the most severe diet and exercise have failed.

Lipomassage TM is a localized treatment based on an exclusive LPG technology, which is performed using state-of-the-art mechanized rollers. The benefits and effectiveness of Lipomassage can be seen in a short period of time: from 6 sessions.





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GRAVITY Group Personal Training is a complete angular resistance training method that offers almost 100 unique exercises using body weight versus the force of gravity to provide physical endurance.

In addition, a great advantage it offers is that it is aimed at anyone interested in maintaining an active lifestyle, regardless of age. Gravity provides a safe environment, with limited weight support with less compression in the joints than traditional free weight training, which means there is more protection while we are performing the exercises.

At Orión, we design group personal training programs, GRAVITY, to gain strength, hypertrophy, flexibility, balance, power and endurance. The goal is to improve the muscular systems, focusing on controlled, balanced and functional movement.

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