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The program lasts 8 weeks, with a partition of 5 sessions per week. Each session is approximately 60 minutes.
Two training routines will be carried out, each of them will last for 4 weeks, and in each routine, the two programs will be worked on alternately.
The program is developed working at a muscular and cardiovascular level.



Pierde peso
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12-week program divided into 4 phases. In the first, an interview with a nutritionist expert is carried out in which the first food and work schedule for the next 4 weeks is defined. Every 4 weeks a measurement of body fat % and weight is made and a new food and work schedule is made.



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12-week program with exercises designed to alleviate pain caused by this ailment.

With the Orion program greater security and independence is achieved; feel better and with more energy; facilitates weight control, reduces pain, stiffness and discomfort and can decrease the resting heart rate.

The program has three aspects: flexibility, aerobic and functional training.



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Program of 12 weeks with minimum attendance of 3 days per week for people who do not exercise regularly and want to improve their physical condition.

We do a monthly study of the physical condition, weigh, measure blood pressure, evaluate the body mass index, take anthropometric measurements and perform flexibility, balance, abdominal and cardiovascular tests. With the results obtained, we prepared the guidelines for the trainments.



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12-week program where the objective is to mitigate and eliminate back pain caused by ailments such as scoliosis, hyperlordosis, disc protrusion, herniated disc, etc. Try it and you will see its benefits!



Vientre plano
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8-week program aimed at reducing localized fat in the abdomen. Your weight will decrease between 6 and 8% and you will reduce at least one size.

Our program is very easy to carry out. Anyone can do it, only moderate the intake and perform the battery of recommended exercises.



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Prepare your body during pregnancy in the aquatic environment.

Tonify your musculature, improve your aerobic resistance, work your breathing and learn to relax.

In addition, several studies certify that swimming is one of the best sports for pregnant women.



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